Gionee A1 Features and Advantages

Have you been searching for a bargain smartphone with all the appearance that can be begin in the top end smartphones? If so, you may wish to analysis out Gionee A1. This amazing handset comes with amazing appearance and low price. So, if you wish to apperceive added about this handset, you should apprehend this commodity till end. The commodity offers a lot of advice about its price, specs, features, advantages and disadvantages. Apprehend on to apperceive more.

Key Features

The buzz runs Android 7.0 (Nougat). Its affectation admeasurement is 5.5 inches with a capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The handset is powered by an Octa-core 2 GHz Cortex A53 (x4) and 1 GHz Cortex A53 processor (x4). As for the RAM, it has a whopping 4 GB or Random Access Memory. You can browse the web or play your admired amateur for hours as this handset comes with a array ability of 4010 mAh.


Since the buzz operates the a lot of contempo adaptation of Android, you can get the a lot of out of your device. You can run any app and bold that has launched recently. And that too for hours as the accessory has a college array advancement time.

Its 5.5-inch Amoled Touchscreen appearance Multitouch, which is a abundant advantage. With bigger display, you can adore your admired movies, amateur and apps while on the go.

You can run assorted apps on this buzz as it has a ample RAM of 4 GB. Your accessory will not apathetic down no amount how abounding tabs you may accessible on your admired browser while surfing the Internet.

The top ability CPU allows you to do multi tasking on your accessory after any problem. And all of it is interconnect with a Mediatek MT6755 Helio P10 Chipset.

Another abundant advantage is that you can download and install as abounding apps and amateur as you wish on this smartphone as you accept 64GB of congenital accumulator capacity. And this can be added to 256 GB application a microSD card. However, it will use the SIM2 slot.

Taking abundant selfies is accessible with this phone, as it has a 16MP of foreground camera and 13MB rear one. Added appearance that you will adulation cover LED Flash, appearance detection, auto-focus, geo-tagging, HDR and blow focus, just to name a few.

Its bright clear affectation has a 401 ppi pixel density, which you may not acquisition on added smartphones with the aforementioned amount range.

If you adulation recording vlogs with your phone, Gionee A1 may be your best choice. You can almanac beauteous motion pictures at a anatomy of 20fps and 1080p resolution. The video recording time will be best as the array offers best advancement time i.e. 4010 mAh. However, the array can’t be removed.

As far connectivity options, the handset offers 4G, 3G, USB, GPS, USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi.

Other appearance that you would adulation cover committed mic, Photo viewer/editor, Document viewer, Fast array charging, Active babble abandoning and so on.

Hopefully, you will like this buzz with all its amazing features.

Yes or No: The Sharing Prices on Your Website Debate

Why displaying fees on your website may provide an advantage over your competition

Many small businesses use their web presence to generate leads to feed into their sales process. Each page has a purpose with variations on the intended users the business hopes to appeal to.

Each piece of content has its purpose but overall the reason is to entice users to get in touch. In keeping with that, it seems reasonable to display your price structure so your leads are qualified before they get in touch.

Or does it?

Not all visitors to your website will be leads.

Not all industries are alike.

Competitors may be surfing your site to see what you charge with the intention of undercutting your rates. If they know you are consistently trying to attract leads from the same base, then having lower prices displayed can give them an advantage over you when bidding on projects or submitting proposals.

Prices in your industry could vary based on many other variables.

Understanding why or why not requires a little bit of elbow grease and a balanced perspective of the issue.

How to Know if You Should Display Your Prices

While this Moz article referencing website pricing is dated, it does makes some very good points about why you should display pricing.

If you display pricing you should also convey value. A value proposition including a pricing tier can address variables related to your business that can actually set you above the competition.

Listing pricing without context or with only a few lines to convey value won’t draw in a user reviewing multiple options. You may be more expensive than your competitor but you might also be offering a lot more for what you charge. Make sure your leads know!

This could also be a reason to not display pricing as well. If you have already evaluated your competitors and they have tiered pricing that beats the value of what you offer, then take the time to assess how they’re able to provide more at a lower cost.

If you’re feeling ambitious you can even call them to clarify what they’re offering and ask for examples of it in practice. Sometimes the value stated on the site is misleading so don’t take your competitor’s claims at face value.

What if Your Competitors Aren’t Displaying Pricing?

Your competitors may not be showing how much they charge but that doesn’t mean you can’t.

A money-focused business can sometimes be more focused on its own bottom line than servicing its customers. Your competition isn’t just related to price so if you’re up against established pros in your industry you can overcome the hurdle of their online presence being much stronger (more reviews, more activity) by doing what they won’t.

State the reason for listing the different pricing tiers. Each should have a unique reason for being there beyond just profitability.

Since you already developed the pricing for a reason you should know why. It could be who you’ve serviced in the past or based on your own research. Be up front and honest about why you charge what you do since eventually that conversation will happen anyway.

You can leave prices off site and save that until you’ve spoken with the lead with the hopes of selling them past any objection to your pricing or you can remove that step by stating the sales points with the price on your website.

Your competitors are a guide but not a rule. If you feel as though they’ve left their prices off their site for a reason that doesn’t apply to you then don’t hold yourself back from showing your own prices.

What if Your Competitors are displaying Their Prices?

If your competitors are up front about their prices but you feel as though doing so would put you at a disadvantage then the same question you should ask yourself is the obvious one your leads will want the answer to: why?

A bad experience could have put you off or just the anticipation of leads getting sticker shock.

Maybe you don’t want the competition being educated on your prices? Sometimes your reasons will be very valid but be prepared to have an answer if your lead is shopping around and the question comes up: I saw on XYZ’z website they offer A for $XX and you’re now saying you also offer A for $XX. How come you don’t put that on your website?

Have an answer and a good one. Include an anecdote if the reason is a bad experience or you will be stuck stammering to explain why and risk looking like you’re being dishonest before you’ve even started any sort of business relationship with your lead.

Displaying Prices Is Up to You

At the end of the day, displaying prices on your website is your choice. There is no absolute rule of thumb to follow. Assess all factors involved and make the right decision for your potential customers.

If you are withholding pricing with good reason you can even state it on your site but if not then you may want to rethink the decision.

Keeping an eye on your website stats can play a significant role in helping you decide whether displaying prices is working or not. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can place all pricing on one page and then check your Google Analytics to see if that’s where the trail ends.

If users are getting as far as the price page and not contacting you then it could be that your price page isn’t conveying enough value to justify the prices.

The Internet’s Role in the Changing Face of Temple Darshan

We’re in an age of technological revolution, nay explosion. While detractors may call it an overdose or interference of technology in all spheres of life, there can’t be two views about the advantages that edge out disadvantages. In other words, pluses of technology have outnumbered the minuses sans it.

The world has become a global village, thanks to the internet. From booking tickets to darshan of deity, the virtual world has come to stay and will stay forever.

The devotees of any faith, creed or sect are scattered all over the world. It’s not always possible for all to go physically to all places of pilgrimage. Here comes online assistance to their rescue. You needn’t be physically present at the spot you zeroed in on. Just necessary technological assistance takes you there and in fact, enables you in a far better manner to feel the aura and air of divinity from the confines of four walls.

Gone are the days of uncertainty and dependence on travel agents. Online booking has empowered all and sundry and we must accept the change wholeheartedly to be in sync with the changing times.
India, as we all know, is a country of shrines and qadam-qadam pe mandir, masjid, girje beckon us. The Internet has greatly helped us locate temples that were unknown to us until a few years ago.

Who knew the cult and legend of Shani Shingnapur (not very far from Shirdi) until the internet provided a wealth of information on it along with its mahima ( divine importance)?

When people got to know, thanks to the internet, that there is a temple devoted to Duryodhan in Ahmednagar district, they thanked the online revolution profusely.

The innumerable temples of Maharashtra along with its famed Asthvinayak were not known but after proliferation of net, so many people are coming to Maharashtra and having darshan of its hither-to unknown and forlorn temples.

How many people were aware of Qamar Ali Darvesh at Khed Shivapur near Poona? Now it’s famous all over the world. It’s said, that if you ask for anything there for continuously five days, you get that. The credit goes to Darshan booking online over the internet.

The Internet’s further strides will explore many more unknown places of divine value. The comprehensive pieces of information provided by the internet are immensely helpful to the seekers and devotees.

We’re in an exciting time that heralds new beginnings and a new kind of acceptable religious devotion. Skeptics needn’t frown upon it. Things, meanings and perceptions change as time glides by.